All-New, All-Different–Issue #4–Comic Book TV is Back, Baby!


Comic Book TV is back in force, True Believers, and Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) work their way through the 6 shows that aired last week. First they look at a little casting news and the Million Mom boycott on Lucifer,  which is really just an excuse to allow John to talk about the pilot of the new FOX show.  Then they do deep-ish dives into The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, where they will make foolish predictions about just who is in that grave.  The Things They Found Interesting include looking at what happens when your show loses its title character and at some old school TV.


The News (1:28)

The Flash (15:25)

Agent Carter (31:17)

Arrow (41:12)

Legends of Tomorrow (54:01)

Supergirl (1:01:22)

Things We Found Interesting (1:11:25)


All-New, All-Different–Issue #3–Top Dramas of 2015


Issue 3 of Volume 2 of the Changing Panels Podcast marches on, True Believers, as Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) take a look at their favorite dramas from 2015.  Theyhave a lot more overlapping on their drama lists, but there is still a lot of individuality.  Shows discussed include The 100, The Americans, Better Call Saul, Blacklist, Fargo, The Flash, Game of Thrones, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Justified, The Leftovers, Mad Men, Man in the High Castle, Mr. Robot, Penny Dreadful, Rectify and UnREAL.

All-New, All-Different–Issue #2–Top Comedies of 2015


Volume 2 of the Changing Panels Podcast continues apace, True Believers, as Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) take a time out to talk about their favorite comedies from 2015.  They’re each talking about their top 10, and there is only one show that is on both lists.  So truly, a little something for everyone.  Over the course of the podcast they will talk about Black-ish, Big Bang Theory, Bob’s Burgers, Brooklyn 99, Catastrophe, Community, Galavant, Getting On, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Review, Silicon Valley, Sirens, South Park, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Undateable, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Veep, and You’re the Worst.

All-New, All-Different–Issue #1–Look Back at Fall


Volume 2 of the Changing Panels Podcast begins anew, True Believers, as Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) their way through the 10 comic book TV shows from this fall.  Ten shows means that this is a long one, as they discuss what they thought of the fall episodes of Supergirl, Gotham, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, iZombie, Arrow, Heroes Reborn, Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead and Jessica Jones.  And at no extra charge, they’ll touch on Daredevil.  They wrap it up, as always, with the Things They Found Interesting this week, which was just to briefly look at some of their favorite shows this fall.


Supergirl (6:29)

Gotham (15:03)

The Flash (21:07)

Agents of SHIELD (29:32)

iZombie (36:32)

Arrow (41:32)

Heroes Reborn (50:17)

Fear the Walking Dead (58:23)

The Walking Dead (1:05:03)

Jessica Jones–and Daredevil, too (1:16:08)

Things We Found Interesting (1:35:48)