All-New, All-Different–Issue #4–Comic Book TV is Back, Baby!


Comic Book TV is back in force, True Believers, and Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) work their way through the 6 shows that aired last week. First they look at a little casting news and the Million Mom boycott on Lucifer,  which is really just an excuse to allow John to talk about the pilot of the new FOX show.  Then they do deep-ish dives into The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, where they will make foolish predictions about just who is in that grave.  The Things They Found Interesting include looking at what happens when your show loses its title character and at some old school TV.


The News (1:28)

The Flash (15:25)

Agent Carter (31:17)

Arrow (41:12)

Legends of Tomorrow (54:01)

Supergirl (1:01:22)

Things We Found Interesting (1:11:25)


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