All-New, All-Different–Issue #5–The Other and Dual Roles


We’re shaking it up, True Believers.  Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) are trying on a new format.  First, they’ll start as always with a look at the news; today they re-examine DC not wanting to quit the Titans television show and Grant Gustin appearing on Supergirl.  Then they introduce the new Plot Points Corner, where they will look at some of the noteworthy happenings in the comic book TV shows of the past week; this time they look at the death (?) of Hawkman, watch the iZombie women get their groove back and wonder what the hell dark matter is.  Next, they introduce a topic of the week, and apply all the comic book TV shows past and present to it; this week’s topic is The Other, the opportunity for an actor to play a dual role and literally meet themselves in a scene.  The end as always with The Things They Found Interesting, which include The Muppets and Grease Live!

Intro & The News

Plot Points (9:04)

The Other (25:08)

Things We Found Interesting (51:33)

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