All-New, All-Different–Issue #7–Episodic Serially


Welcome back, True Believers.  Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) are here to talk about form on television, which is a fancy way of saying which is better a self-contained episode or ongoing storytelling.  But first, they’ll start as always with a look at the news, which this week is really just the announcement of a new AMC series for Kevin Smith.  In the Plot Points Corner, they touch back to the death of Astra on Supergirl, then forage on to Earth 2 on The Flash, Felicity’s papa on Arrow and the bloodbath that is The Walking Dead.  Then, it’s forward to the Topic of the Week:  how does format affect television watching.  They end as always with The Things They Found Interesting, which include Better Call Saul and Downton Abbey.

Intro & The News

Plot Points Corner (5:21)

Serialized vs. Episodic Storytelling (40:25)

Things We Found Interesting (1:17:10)

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