Issue #10–Best TV Comedies of 2014

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, True Believers, but we’re still stirring and posting the 10th issue of the Changing Panels podcast.  We are doing something a little different for the holidays, as Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) are bringing you their top 5 comedies for 2014.  As an added bonus, they are going to tell you about their favorite reality shows.

The comedies discussed include Archer, Benched, Bob’s Burgers, Brooklyn 99, The Comeback, Community, Last Man Standing, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Louie, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Psych, Review, Silicon Valley, Veep and Who’s Line is it Anyway.

Some of our favorite reality shows include Celebrity Apprentice, Cutthroat Kitchen, Dancing with the Stars, Duck Dynasty, Face Off, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Master Chef, Master Chef Junior.

Issue #6

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It’s time, True Believers, for our sixth podcast.  In the news this week, Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) ponder the meaning of a thirteen episode order at NBC and wonder at the powers of Michelle Maclaren.  They then discuss last week’s episodes of Gotham, The Flash, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Constantine and The Walking Dead.  They each end by picking a Thing That They Found Interesting, which touch on public defenders and a possible miscarriage of justice.

Episode Breakdown:


News (0:57)  FX is going to  Hell, John Constantine finds a demon he may not be able to fight, Jerry Bruckheimer picks a pilot, Apocalypse gets a face and Princess Diana finds a director.

Gotham (11:27) “Harvey Dent”

The Flash (21:53) “The Flash is Born”

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (36:08) “The Things We Bury”

Arrow (43:01) “Draw Back Your Bow”

Constantine (51:32) “Danse Vaudou”

The Walking Dead (59:25) “Crossed”

That Thing That We Found Interesting (1:17:58)  The Serial Podcast and USA’s Benched