All-New, All-Different–Issue #7–Episodic Serially


Welcome back, True Believers.  Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) are here to talk about form on television, which is a fancy way of saying which is better a self-contained episode or ongoing storytelling.  But first, they’ll start as always with a look at the news, which this week is really just the announcement of a new AMC series for Kevin Smith.  In the Plot Points Corner, they touch back to the death of Astra on Supergirl, then forage on to Earth 2 on The Flash, Felicity’s papa on Arrow and the bloodbath that is The Walking Dead.  Then, it’s forward to the Topic of the Week:  how does format affect television watching.  They end as always with The Things They Found Interesting, which include Better Call Saul and Downton Abbey.

Intro & The News

Plot Points Corner (5:21)

Serialized vs. Episodic Storytelling (40:25)

Things We Found Interesting (1:17:10)

All-New, All-Different–Issue #4–Comic Book TV is Back, Baby!


Comic Book TV is back in force, True Believers, and Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) work their way through the 6 shows that aired last week. First they look at a little casting news and the Million Mom boycott on Lucifer,  which is really just an excuse to allow John to talk about the pilot of the new FOX show.  Then they do deep-ish dives into The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, where they will make foolish predictions about just who is in that grave.  The Things They Found Interesting include looking at what happens when your show loses its title character and at some old school TV.


The News (1:28)

The Flash (15:25)

Agent Carter (31:17)

Arrow (41:12)

Legends of Tomorrow (54:01)

Supergirl (1:01:22)

Things We Found Interesting (1:11:25)


All-New, All-Different–Issue #2–Top Comedies of 2015


Volume 2 of the Changing Panels Podcast continues apace, True Believers, as Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) take a time out to talk about their favorite comedies from 2015.  They’re each talking about their top 10, and there is only one show that is on both lists.  So truly, a little something for everyone.  Over the course of the podcast they will talk about Black-ish, Big Bang Theory, Bob’s Burgers, Brooklyn 99, Catastrophe, Community, Galavant, Getting On, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Review, Silicon Valley, Sirens, South Park, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Undateable, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Veep, and You’re the Worst.

All-New, All-Different–Issue #1–Look Back at Fall


Volume 2 of the Changing Panels Podcast begins anew, True Believers, as Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) their way through the 10 comic book TV shows from this fall.  Ten shows means that this is a long one, as they discuss what they thought of the fall episodes of Supergirl, Gotham, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, iZombie, Arrow, Heroes Reborn, Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead and Jessica Jones.  And at no extra charge, they’ll touch on Daredevil.  They wrap it up, as always, with the Things They Found Interesting this week, which was just to briefly look at some of their favorite shows this fall.


Supergirl (6:29)

Gotham (15:03)

The Flash (21:07)

Agents of SHIELD (29:32)

iZombie (36:32)

Arrow (41:32)

Heroes Reborn (50:17)

Fear the Walking Dead (58:23)

The Walking Dead (1:05:03)

Jessica Jones–and Daredevil, too (1:16:08)

Things We Found Interesting (1:35:48)

Issue #30–iZombie Takes a Bow

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Summer is here, True Believers and Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) are discussing the final episodes of the first season of iZombie.  First though, they get their news on with some work for Jon Berenthal, a name change for Jessica Jones, a look at the Duh File and some possible Flash spoilers for season 2.  After the iZombie talk, they rank all seven comic book shows they watched this season, with little guesswork about both their least and most favorite of the shows.  They then begin their summer dive into the first season of The X-Files.  They wrap it up, as always, with the Things They Found Interesting this week, which was just excuse to look at their summer viewing schedules.


News (2:14)

iZombie (11:56)

Ranking of the Seven Comic Book Shows This Season (24:05)

The X-Files–pilot episode (35:23)

That Thing They Found Interesting (1:06:35)

Issue #25–Gotham Returns While Hell’s Kitchen Burns

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Yes, this is late.  Super late.  No excuses, True Believers.  Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) kick off with some news including some interesting castin that may effect a second season of Agent Carter and the return of NBC’s cancelled series RevolutionGotham, The Flash, iZombie, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow and Daredevil more than fill the review section. This week’s Things That They Found Interesting says a justifiable cheers to a parting and a long gone series..  They end with a eulogy (?) for Martha in the Americans Minute.

Episode Breakdown:


News (0:55) Dominic Cooper and Elizabeth Perkins join AMC’s Preacher.  NBC’s revolution bucks everything that the series stood for by continuing on in a digital comic book.

Gotham (4:29) “Beasts of Prey”

The Flash (18:36)  “All Star Team-Up”

iZombie (27:25) “Flight of the Living Dead”

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD (32:46) “Melinda”

Arrow (49:46) “Nanda Parbat”

Daredevil (1:03:05) Spoilertalk on the first eight episodes with some thoughts on the ending.

That Thing That We Found Interesting (1:32:48) Cheers to Justified.

The American Minute (1:40:30)  The horrifying power of wig removal.

Issue #24–Welcome to Netlfix, Daredevil

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Quieter week for comic books on TV, True Believers.  Only iZombie and Agents of SHIELD had new episodes, but Neflix unleashed Daredevil.  But first, Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) discuss a little news:  ABC wants more SHIELD and the X-men want more Olivia Munn.  After their reviews, they launch into this week’s Things That They Found Interesting shows that they were either ready to give up or surprised by the quality.  They end with the Tom and Jerry version of the Americans Minute.

Episode Breakdown:


News (1:02)  SHIELD is spinning off–maybe; Psylocke gets yet another new face.

iZombie (11:41) “Liv and Let Clive”Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD (20:59) “One Door Closes”

Daredevil (36:04) Spoiler-ish talk on the first three episodes with a little bit about the next two.

That Thing That We Found Interesting (53:44) Once Upon a Corden.

The American Minute (58:45)  Cat and Mouse and Mouse and Mouse.