Issue #15–Gotham and Agent Carter Are Aces

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The podcast is late again, True Believers.  Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) start off looking at the news:  two of comic books oldest characters get new faces, and we get to see the first Fantastic Four teaser.  They then discuss Gotham,  The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow and Constantine.  The Things That They Found Interesting include some of the great things NBC has broadcast to us in the last 20 years.  They end with their first The Americans Minute where they go on and on and on about how great the show is.

Episode Breakdown:


News (0:55)  Mechad Brooks applies for a press pass and Rachel Taylor gets some claws.

The Fantastic Four Trailer (6:08)

Gotham (13:49) “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

The Flash (20:521) “The Sound and The Fury”

Agent Carter (30:57) “The Blitzkrieg Button”

Arrow (42:44) “Midnight City”

Constantine (56:43) “The Whole World Out There”

That Thing That We Found Interesting (1:05:54) Friends and Parenthood

The American Minute (1:15:14)  Okay, more like The Americans 12 Minutes

Issue #14–DC Shows Are Admirably Fine

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The podcast is back, True Believers, and quickly, too.  Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) start off looking at the news:  Supergirl gets a face as does The Purple Man; Fox wants their XTV; Tyrese wants a job; Stannis moves on Gotham.  They then discuss Gotham,  the mid-season premieres of Flash and Arrow, and then the latest Constantine.  The Things That They Found Interesting include more USA comedies and all things Gillian Anderson.

Episode Breakdown:


News (0:54)  Melissa Benoist, David Tennant and Colm Feore get cast; Tyrese only wants to be.  FOX plans on staying in the X-Men business

Gotham (19:37) “What the Little Bird Told Him”

The Flash (32:41) “The Revenge of the Rogues”

Arrow (41:06) “Left Behind”

Constantine (50:14) “Quid Pro Quo”

That Thing That We Found Interesting (59:54) Sirens and The X-Files and The Fall

Issue #13–Agent Carter and Constantine Enchant Again

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Yes, True Believers,we’ve drunk the Constantine Kool-Aid again.  But before they get to that, Nick (@nickyahogan) and John (@johned970) discuss more of the news and renewals coming out of the the Television Critics Association winter tour.  This includes Gotham‘s renewal and interviews with Stephen Amell and Tom Cavanagh.  In casting news, Chuck finds a new job, young Dexter becomes the young Trickster and Mama Smoak is booking a return trip to Starling City.  They then discuss Agent Carter and the mid-season premiere of Constantine.  The Things That They Found Interesting include pasty, Alabama soul musicians and dating turmoils in 20th and 21st centuries.  And while that should be enough for any show they talk about FX’s The Americans for 6 minutes and ABC’s Galavant for 10.  Because you should.

Episode Breakdown:


News (0:49)  Batman Jim Gordon will continue to prowl for at least another year.  Zach Levi leaves Nerd HQ for more super pastures; some kid we don’t know plays a trick; Charlotte Ross returns.  John calls BS on both Ollie not using the Lazarus Pit and Dr. Wells being the only Reverse Flash.

Marvel’s Agent Carter (11:32) “Time and Tide”

Constantine (21:38) “Saint of Last Resorts (Part 2)”

That Thing That We Found Interesting (30:53)  St. Paul and the Broken Heads are more than just Men Seeking Women

Bonus:  The Americans Minute (38:40) Blow out on how great both seasons of the show are.  Both are available on Amazon Prime and the third season starts next week.

Double Bonus:  Galavant (44:13) Because they’re both musical theatre junkies, Nick and John just had to gush on the how for a bit.